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The construction Job increased in 38 states and D.C.

The excavation work of California high-speed rail project will start next week. The occasion in Fresno's historic Chinatown district will witness the symbolic begin of the nation's main construction project.


The construction job enlarged that ever before in 26 states between October-November, as per the last data released by Labor Department by the Associated General Contractors of America.


The construction job growth is good, but volatile. Most part of the state is getting new construction jobs.


Only North Dakota, Louisiana and Oklahoma have gone beyond their pre-recession crest, for construction job this year, while most states are at least 10 percent below earlier peaks. The list is here:


  1. Texas added (47,300 jobs, 7.7 percent) between November 2013 and November 2014
  2. California (40,800 jobs, 6.3 percent)
  3. Florida (34,900 jobs, 9.1 percent)
  4. Washington (12,800 jobs, 8.6 percent)
  5. Illinois (12,000 jobs, 6.2 percent)
  6. North Dakota (16.2 percent, 5,300 jobs)
  7. Utah (10.1 percent, 7,600 jobs)
  8. Florida, Washington and Arkansas (8.4 percent, 3,900 jobs)


These are some states which has lost the construction jobs.


  1. West Virginia lost the highest percentage (-11.3 percent, -3,800 jobs)
  2. Mississippi (-7.9 percent, -4,200 jobs)
  3. New Jersey (-4.5 percent, -6,200 jobs
  4. Nebraska (-4.1 percent, -1,900 jobs)
  5. Arizona (-4,600 jobs, -3.7 percent), other states that lost the most construction jobs between November 2013 and November 2014.
  6. Mississippi, West Virginia and Kentucky (-2,400 jobs, -3.6 percent).


The Congress and the Obama administration have to make sure more investment on construction investment.

Information Reference : www.realestaterama.com

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