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Obama's New Rule May Effect as Boon to Construction Industry

The construction industry in United States is seeing the purple patch ahead of the New Year as President Barack Obama gave the executive order for changing federal immigration policy.


A blush of laborers getting work approval is good news for US skilled labor industry. This news has published recently in Crain’s – New York Business.


The illegitimate contractors will now be checked by the federal deportation policy. Now only the legitimate firms will rule the roost.


The New York Building Congress has felt that the construction in New York City will grow up to $100 billion over the next three years. The residential sector will grow.


There is a real dearth of skilled labor. The immigration reforms are good, but USA need potential candidate.


Many who’s who in the states expressed satisfaction over Mr. Obama’s executive order. They believe that it will change the construction scenario.


The order has pointed out the some relevant issues, triggering illegalities, but it will haunt the laborers who have criminal record on book.


The company can no longer intimidate to call immigration to undermine workers exercising their rights from now. This could have a ripple effect on the entire sector. There is a shadow industry of contractors who unfairly compete.


If workers begin to hold subcontractors who flout the law accountable, it would begin to level the playing field, giving smaller residential construction firms a chance to grow and participate in larger projects.


Overall, the industry feels the president's changes in immigration rules will likely hike the supply of much-needed skilled labor for the city's building contractors, and take advantage away from unscrupulous contractors who routinely violate wage and labor laws.


Reference : www.crainsnewyork.com

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