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Massive 9-Acre Garden on the Roof of Facebook's New Headquarters

When Facebook approached celebrated Canadian-American creator Frank Gehry to style their new headquarters in Menlo Park, California, they asked for an easy building while not an important style. And whereas the building may look pretty typical from down below, 70-feet au fait the roof are a few things light-weight on the setting and therefore the spirits: a huge 9-acre garden.


The building, referred to as MPK twenty, is lidded by a parcel with abundant inexperienced fields of grass, over four hundred trees, and lots of trails. Its a 880 yards loop, says Lori Goler, head of human resources and recruiting. It offers area to suppose.


Like any new garden, the plants here have nonetheless to fill out. however in coming back years we will expect to examine a lush inexperienced setting sitting atop the 430,000 area unit unrestricted building.


From high to bottom, this place is meant to encourage collaboration and therefore the free exchange of ideas. It feels like an ideal suitable geographic region.


Image and Information Reference : www.visualnews.com


Massive 9-Acre Garden on the Roof of Facebook's New Headquarters

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