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Hollywood Universal Studios Upper Lot under Construction

The Upper Lot of Universal Studios Hollywood is making. The construction is going smoothly where Springfield and Hogsmeade Village will expected to be opened in 2015 and 2016 respectively.


Hollywood – house of movie creation and entertainment -- neighbourhood in California is the pricy property of United State government, has been attracting the huge people attraction.


The footfall has been decreased in Upper Lot to one narrow path between construction walls on the way to The Simpsons Ride, Studio Tour and the Starway. On the left, Louie's Pizza and Pasta has closed.

Hollywood  Universal Studios Upper Lot under Construction

Meanwhile, construction on the Springfield USA restaurants appears to have reached full height. On the other side of Springfield, construction continues on Hogsmeade Village and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Here is the entrance to Hogsmeade, with the familiar arch from the Orlando version taking shape in the middle. In addition, here is what Hogsmeade looks like from the other side, from the Studio Tour exit.


Of course, the highlight of all this is the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where the show building is approaching full enclosure, with facade work yet to begin.


With no trace left of the Flintstones Bar-B-Q, Universal has added a turkey leg to the menu at neighboring Pink's. However, Universal also has reduced the offerings on the Pink's menu, which is now down to a chili/cheese dog, the Mulholland dog, and a chili cheeseburger, in addition to the turkey leg, a plain hot dog, and a chicken Caesar salad (from Louie's). With cutbacks at Gru's Lab Cafe, too, the food options at the park continue to narrow for people who want something more than prepared "grab and go" options. (Universal Studios Hollywood remains the only major theme park in the country without a table service restaurant in the park.)


The passholders with the $92 can “buy a day, get the year” ticket. That is a $77 birthday present when you consider the price of the discounted companion ticket sold to USH annual passholders. So let us count that as one more perk for a USH annual pass. Now hearing that Universal’s no longer giving away birthday tickets for new APs, starting with ones sold this month.

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