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Cost Estimate Jump for New Road

The cost estimated for building Wilson Gulch Road soar from $6.4 million to $8.5 million. The road is expected to connect the Mercy Regional Medical Center area to the Bridge to Nowhere interchanging at the bottom of Grandview Hill. The situation was discussed as a part of the Public Works Department report by the La Plata County commissioners. Commissioner Bobby Lieb, wanted to know the behind the hike from the initial cost estimate.


The project is a joint venture between the county and the city of Durango. The Director of County Public Works, Jim Davis said that the Goff Engineering, hired by the city, did the original estimation as part of a grant application to the Colorado Department of Transportation. But when CDOT engineers viewed the numbers after the grant was awarded, a higher estimate was presented which included costs for National Environmental Policy Act compliance and a 30% contingency for CDOT has been included into the estimate.


Cost Estimate Jump for New Road

Davis has cited the $1.2 million estimate for developments on County Road 320 for the new Ignacio middle and elementary schools, but the bid was below $800,000. Joe Kerby, the County Manager said that they are ready to spend $600,000 to $700,000 which us the county's share of the cost. As the changed estimation will affect the county's cost, Kerby has advised it to be in their 2015 budget.


As per the 2014 budget message of county, the county approved of a cost-sharing deal with Durango for 33% of actual construction costs, up to a maximum county cost of $1.98 million. And the budget message also said that the project will extend an existing road into an area within the limits of the city that is planned for retail development.


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