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Most Awaited Construction Trends for California in 2014

In 2014, California is coming up with various construction activities. There are many projects coming up in downtown Los Angeles. Inspite of various projects like high-speed rail and the Bay Delta Conservation Plan that are facing obstacles due to the drought that has settled over California, the construction industry is expected to increase by 10% as forecasted by McGraw Hill Analytics. As per the reports of the Associated General Contractors of America, the construction employment has jumped by 5.2% in California last year. The five construction trends that are expected to influence the California construction industry in 2014 are mentioned below-


  • Drought Emergency

    Gov. Jerry Brown (D) declared a state of emergency in January, when after two years of drought was followed by lack of rain and snow. On January 22, in his State of the State address, he asked for water conservation, expanded storage facilities, groundwater management and investments in safe drinking water systems. The state's Department of Public Health identified and provided assistance to 17 rural community water systems that were in danger of drying up.


  • California Construction Trends 2014
  • High-Speed Rail

    The High-Speed Rail Authority has selected five teams to bid on the next 60-mile segment of track which is expected to cost up to $2 billion. There are also pending requests for 15 train sets that could operate on the new line, due on May 17.


  • Sports Facilities

    Before the next National Football League season starts, the $1.3-billion Levi's Stadium for the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara is expected to be complete. The construction of Sacramento's $448-million Entertainment and Sports Center is also to start. It is planned to be the home for the Kings National Basketball Association team. The Turner Construction expects to complete the project by 2016. There are also various new sports venues and complexes that are under construction.


  • Downtown Revival

    Billions are being invested on projects for downtown Los Angeles and San Francisco. The foundations of two high-rises that are expected to be the tallest towers of West Coast, are also under construction. Workers are about to cast 20,000 cu yd of foundation concrete for Korean Air's $1-billion Wilshire Grand development in downtown Los Angeles. Foundations for the 1,070-ft-tall Transbay Tower in San Francisco are also being worked on.


  • Bay Delta Conservation Plan

    The Bay Delta plan, released on December 9 estimates an expenditure of $24.75 billion to stabilize water deliveries to agricultural and municipal users while protecting the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta environment. The centerpiece would cost $16 billion. It would consist of three additional water intakes at the delta's north end, two 30-mile water-conveyance tunnels and numerous gate and forebay facilities. The twin 40-ft-dia water tunnels would be bored 150 ft below ground and convey up to 9,000 cu ft per second.




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