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Construction Projects with a Total Value of $7.5 Million Planned at Chennault

Construction of varied facilities with a total value of $7.5 million has been approved by a Chennault International Airport Authority oversight committee. The Business Development, Architectural and Engineering Committee has authorized the executive director of the airport to prepare specifications for the construction of a 10,000-square-foot air cargo building and a 15,000-square-foot corporate hangar and a facility for ground support equipment. The project is estimated to cost about $3.1 million. Chennault will be paying $1 million while the rest will be financed through the state. The construction work is expected to start on September and to complete by July 2015.


The air cargo building will cost around $4.2 million and about 25% of the expenses will be paid by Chennault. The remaining cost will be funded by the state through the capital outlay process. It was also reported that Chennault tenant Million Air will take care of the unloading of goods at facility. The construction cost estimation will also include a new road to be built.



Cost Estimate Jump for New Road

Randy Robb, the Chennault executive director stated that the new facility will enhance the aircraft security. The ground support equipment facility will be utilized to maintain Million Air's fuel trucks and equipment for handling aircraft. Large corporate aircraft will be able to fit in the corporate hangar now, which will have a 24-foot door height. Smaller aircraft will also use the hangar.


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