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California opted for contractors for Bullet train corridor

Los Angeles Times brings the news that the sophisticated fast-paced rail corridor is taken an essential step in California. The bullet train -- San Francisco and Los Angeles is now being preceded under a team of construction contractors for 65 miles through Central Valley.


Ralf Vartabedian, reporter predicted that the agencies are moving themselves forward to do the detail plan, contracts and agreement all sorts. Political agreements for the legal settlements are very important. The project will be completed 2017 or 2018 in the first phase for Madera to Bakersfield.


The bid was submitted which was below $1.74 billion.


The Rail Authority board still corroborates the selection, which is predictable at its January meeting. An actual agreement could take months to carry out, just as the procedure did when the first contract, toping the railline of 29 miles. The Dragados team includes Colorado-based Flatiron Construction and Oakland-based Shimmick Construction.


Information Reference : Los Angeles Times

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