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NASA completed test tower for scrapped project in 2010

The construction of test tower has been completed by the NASA as United State’s pioneering newspaper The Washington Post reported recently, outlaying the expenditure of around $349 million to build. But the news also suggests that the space agency will not use this tower.


The tower positions at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. The construction of the tower was almost finished in June, but the programme was proclaimed annulled by NASA in 2010. There was no point of using this tower to any further extent.


The 30-storey town was set up due to Constellation program which was an attempt to retrieve the moon. A vacuum chamber was constructed too.


The Congress had passed the legislation, guided by Senator of Mississippi Roger Wicker, the agency compelled to complete the construction.


Now it has been cent percent complete. But the maintenance cost of $700,000 per year will raise the eyebrow.


Now everything is not above the suspicion. But NASA’s famous bureaucracy always wanted to run the construction; they let it go after the project was annulment, no mattered what President Obama wants.


Once NASA thought that the project would completed near 2010 with the modest expense of $119 million, but it never took place.


Information Reference : Uncover California Online Media and The Washington Post

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