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Quantity Take Off (QTO) offers the most practical and focused construction cost estimating solutions. Here you can avail wide range of information on estimating types, estimating process, scheduling techniques, risks involved in construction estimation, estimating, state wise information about jobs, Availability of software etc.


We render QTO reports for pre- budget estimating reports & conceptual construction estimating, hard bid estimating for schools, malls and other commercial construction, labor & material estimating, remodeling estimating with overhead & profit totals, residential cost estimates, etc.


We at QTO enable our clients to win more bids for the project and increase their profit, saves time and cost, as they will not have to hire a full time estimator. Our services also allow them to acquire accurate estimating report within the stipulated time frame. We also assist them to decide if the proposed new product will be profitable and suggest them with endeavors that are currently making profit.

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